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2017 New Cisco 210-255: Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Exam Questions Released by Today!


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Which option can be addressed when using retrospective security techniques?

A.    if the affected host needs a software update

B.    how the malware entered our network

C.    why the malware is still in our network

D.    if the affected system needs replacement

Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. Which type of log is this an example of?

A.    IDS log

B.    proxy log

C.    NetFlow log

D.    syslog

Answer: A


Which option is a misuse variety per VERIS enumerations?

A.    snooping

B.    hacking

C.    theft

D.    assault

Answer: B


In the context of incident handling phases, which two activities fall under scoping? (Choose two.)

A.    determining the number of attackers that are associated with a security incident

B.    ascertaining the number and types of vulnerabilities on your network

C.    identifying the extent that a security incident is impacting protected resources on the network

D.    determining what and how much data may have been affected

E.    identifying the attackers that are associated with a security incident

Answer: DE


Which regular expression matches "color" and "colour"?

A.    col[0-9]+our

B.    colo?ur

C.    colou?r

D.    ]a-z]{7}

Answer: C


Which component of the NIST SP800-61 r2 incident handling strategy reviews data?

A.    preparation

B.    detection and analysis

C.    containment, eradication, and recovery

D.    post-incident analysis

Answer: B


Which option is generated when a file is run through an algorithm and generates a string specific to the contents of that file?

A.    URL

B.    hash

C.    IP address

D.    destination port

Answer: C


Which data type is protected under the PCI compliance framework?

A.    credit card type

B.    primary account number

C.    health conditions

D.    provision of individual care

Answer: C


Which kind of evidence can be considered most reliable to arrive at an analytical assertion?

A.    direct

B.    corroborative

C.    indirect

D.    circumstantial

E.    textual

Answer: A



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