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What two IT infrastructure components are virtualized by vSphere Essentials? (Choose two.)

A.    Networks
B.    Applications
C.    Storage
D.    Management

Answer: AC
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An administrator is deploying multiple Windows 2003 Virtual Machines from the same template.
What two steps should be taken to avoid network conflicts? (Choose two.)

A.    Customize the guest operating system.
B.    Install VMware Tools into the new virtual machines.
C.    Copy the Microsoft Sysprep tools onto the vCenter Server system.
D.    Ensure the e1000 vmnic is selected for each new virtual machine.

Answer: AC

An administrator has an application that requires connection directly to PCI devices through a virtual machine.
What is a limitation of this configuration?

A.    Devices must be reserved for PCI passthrough on at least one host on which the virtual machine will run.
B.    Snapshots are not supported with DirectPath I/O passthrough devices.
C.    A maximum of 18 PCI vSphere DirectPath devices can be added to a virtual machine.
D.    Only one PCI controller can be presented to the virtual machine.

Answer: B

Which three connection types are available when configuring a vSwitch in the vSphere Web Client? (Choose three.)

A.    VMkernel Network Adapter
B.    Physical Network Adapter
C.    Virtual Machine Port Group for a Standard Switch
D.    vMotion Network Adapter
E.    vSAN Network Adapter

Answer: ABC

You have just installed an ESXi 6.x Host. As part of your company security regulations, a security banner must be presented on the console of the host.
How can this action be accomplished?

A.    Configure the Advanced Settings > Annotations screen of the ESXi host.
B.    This is configured from the Direct Console User Interface configuration menu.
C.    It is not possible to configure a security banner for the ESXi host.
D.    From vCenter Server, this setting is configured globally in the vCenter Server configuration.

Answer: A

An administrator is attempting to remove an ESXi 6.x host from a vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS). When the administrator attempts to remove the host, the following error is observed:
The resource ’16’ is still in use.
What three steps are needed to successfully remove the host from the switch? (Choose three.)

A.    Select Manage Ports on the vDS for the host.
B.    Locate all ports currently in use on the vDS for the host.
C.    Migrate or delete any vmkernel or virtual machine adapters associated with the switch.
D.    Remove all network cards from the switch before trying to remove the host.
E.    Create a standard switch for everything to be automatically be migrated to.

Answer: ABC

To comply with security requirements, an administrator with a vCenter Server Appliance needs to force logoff of the vSphere web client after 10 minutes of inactivity.
What should the administrator do to meet the requirement?

A.    Edit: /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties, modify session.timeout=10
B.    Edit: /opt/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties, modify session.timeout=600
C.    Edit: /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties modify session.timeout=600
D.    Edit: /opt/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties, modify session.timeout=10

Answer: A

An administrator enables High Availability (HA) on a Virtual SAN cluster.
Which network is used for HA Network Heatbeat configuration?

A.    The Management network.
B.    The vMotion network.
C.    The Virtual SAN network.
D.    The Provisioning Traffic network.

Answer: C

Which scenario shows a reason for VMware Tools failing to install?

A.    Virtual machine has a CD-ROM configured.
B.    Guest OS Antivirus is blocking the VMware Tools installation.
C.    Guest OS has 64-bit ldd (list dynamic dependencies) utility installed.
D.    Virtual machine is powered on.

Answer: B

An administrator is evaluating whether to deploy vCenter Server on a Windows server or on a vCenter Server appliance. The administrator has the following requirements:
– A web browser will be utilized to manage the vSphere environment.
– 16 ESXi hosts will be deployed.
– Licenses must be shared with a vCenter Server at another site.
– An external Oracle 10g database server will be used to host the vCenter Server database.
Why will the administrator need to deploy vCenter Server on a Windows server?

A.    Linked Mode is a requirement for the solution.
B.    Oracle 10g is a requirement for the solution.
C.    The vSphere web client is a requirement for the solution.
D.    Management of more than 5 hosts is a requirement for the solution.

Answer: A


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