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Which three functionalities can be performed by Cisco TMS? (Choose three.)

A.    create conferences
B.    provide routing for the video media streams
C.    integrate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager through a SIP trunk
D.    monitor the system status of video endpoints and their logs
E.    run reports based on endpoint utilization
F.    perform bandwidth management for endpoints based on inter and intra location settings
G.    perform call routing decision for destinations that are not registered or local to the VCS

Answer: ADE

Where do you navigate to within Cisco TMS to place a call?

A.    Systems > Navigator > Endpoint > Call Status
B.    Systems > Monitoring > Endpoint > Place Call
C.    Endpoint > Navigator > Call Status
D.    Booking > List Conferences > Place Call
E.    Systems > Navigator > Manage Dial Plan > Place Call
F.    Systems > Navigator > Provisioning > Place Call

Answer: A

Which two protocols allow Cisco TMS to manage an EX60 endpoint? (Choose two.)

A.    H.323
B.    SNMP
C.    SMTP
D.    SIP
F.    RTCP

Answer: BE

Which of the following is an option for using security when setting up a TMS conference?

A.    if possible
B.    Secure
C.    Best effort
D.    Mandatory

Answer: A

The Cisco TMS administrator is trying to add participants while booking a new conference.
Which three options are presented? (Choose three.)

A.    endpoints
B.    users
C.    Cisco MCUs
D.    multiway address
E.    directory numbers synched from Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F.    SIP URIs synched from Cisco Unified Communications Manager
G.    video AutoAttendant numbers

Answer: ABC

Which three components are the minimum needed to enable the FindMe feature for the users of an enterprise? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
B.    Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager with Extension Mobility Service
D.    Video Communication Server
E.    Cisco IM and Presence
F.    Cisco Webex On Premises deployment
G.    Cisco TelePresence Conductor

Answer: ABD

Which four pieces of information does the Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension service provide the VCS? (Choose four.)

A.    user
B.    device
C.    dial plan
D.    routing rules
E.    zone information
F.    phone book
G.    FindMe
H.    gateway

Answer: ABFG

When Cisco TMS provisioning is enabled, which four Cisco TMSPE services are used by the VCS for provisioning and FindMe data? (Choose four.)

A.    server diagnostics
B.    devices
C.    users
D.    PLCM directory service
E.    FindMe
F.    live service
G.    database scanner service
H.    phone books

Answer: BCEH

When you set up Cisco TMS for provisioning, which option must be configured and properly licensed?

A.    Cisco UCM
B.    Cisco TelePresence EX90
C.    Cisco VCS
D.    Cisco Unity Connection

Answer: C

Which three steps are necessary to configure Cisco VCS and TMS to support provisioning functionalities? (Choose three.)

A.    Activate LDAP synchronization on the VCS server to authenticate the end users.
B.    Activate provisioning by installing the Device Provisioning option key on the VCS.
C.    Create groups, users, and assign configuration templates and schemas to the groups on the Cisco TMS.
D.    Install FindME licenses on the Cisco TMS.
E.    Configure phone book sources.
F.    Configure a neighbor zone on VCS pointing to the TSMPE.
G.    Configure the authentication policy on VCS for zones and subzones to “Do not Check Credentials”.

Answer: ABD


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