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2016 New 62-193 Exam Study Guides:
1.Demonstrate understanding of the Technology Literacy Goals described in the Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) framework;
2.Demonstrate basic knowledge of how Information and Communication Tools (ICT) resources can support curriculum outcomes;
3.Use basic tools to support learning activities;
4.Organize and manage a standard classroom;
5.Use digital literacy tools to enhance professional performance;



General Overview
You are a teacher at a secondary school.
You are also the chairperson of a school committee comprised of members of the school administration and the team responsible for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at the school.
Description of Students
The students at the school are between the ages of 15 and 18.
Learning and Teaching Environment
The school has a computer lab. The students use the lab frequently.
All of the teachers have laptop computers that they use for teaching and administrative tasks.
All of the teachers access the school’s network and the Internet by using a wireless connection.
Planned changes
The school plans to implement the following additional ICT resources:
– An intanet
– A student management system (SMS)
– One laptop for each student. The laptops will contain curriculum content and will be connected to the school’s network
Learning Objectives
The students will be able to develop collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills and use ICT resources in all their subjects.
Professional Development Objectives
The professional development objectives for the teachers are:
– Teachers design learning tasks that effectively incorporate ICT resources.
– Teachers implement learning tasks that can be performed either at school or at home.
Learning Activities
The teachers plan to use video-conferencing to enable the students to collaborate with peers and communicate with subject matter experts in various fields.
Organizational Goals
The school aims to have ICT integrated into all subjects’ teaching and learning.
The school aspire to qualify for a sponsorship to help implement planned ICT changes.
To qualify for the sponsorship, the school must write a compelling proposal stating how the new ICT resources will be used to further learning objectives.
The school plans to encourage collaborative learning skills and independent learning skills.
As part of the initial steps to writing the proposal, the school recognizes the need to convene a stakeholder meeting attended by the teachers, the school management and administration, and the students’ parents.
Once the school implements the planned changes, the teachers will be expected to incorporate student’s laptops during their lessons.

You are requested to write the proposal to qualify for the sponsorship.
Which statement best describes the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT) policy goal that is met by implementing the new ICT resources?

A.    The new ICT resources help the teachers design activities that enable the students to become collaborative, problem-solving learners.
B.    The new ICT resources allow the teachers to update their ICT skills and to meet the professional development objectives.
C.    The new ICT resources allow the teachers to create virtual activities that can be self-administered by the students without any teacher involvement.
D.    The new ICT resources allow the teachers to create problem-solving activities that the students can perform in a virtual environment.

Answer: A

How does giving each student their own laptop enhance collaborative learning?

A.    The students can digitally share their work and their ideas.
B.    The students can connect with their peers outside of the classroom without being interrupted by the teachers.
C.    The students will feel free to exchange their views with one another anonymously during lessons.
D.    The students can work together without any guidance from a teacher.

Answer: A

The teachers are concerned that their lack of experience with video conferencing will hinder their ability to achieve the planned lesson.
What advice should you provide to the teachers to help them achieve the planned lesson?

A.    Tell them that video conferencing is a simple process and not to worry.
B.    Start by using technology that they are most familiar with.
C.    Teach students the benefits of video conferencing before the lesson.
D.    Test the video conferencing equipment before the lesson.

Answer: D

The parents worry that the students will be distracted if they use their laptop during the lessons. What should you tell the parents to reassure them that this will not occur?

A.    The teacher will send the students out of the classroom if they misuse their laptop.
B.    The teacher will confiscate the laptops if the students misuse them.
C.    The teacher will ensure that all of the lessons incorporate the use of a laptop.
D.    The teacher will only allow the use of the laptops during lessons that specifically benefit from the use of ICT resources.

Answer: D

You create your first lesson that incorporates the use of the students’ laptops. You want to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of laptops during the lesson.
How do you determine effectiveness after one lesson?

A.    Students actively engage in the lesson.
B.    Students are able to access curriculum content.
C.    Student scores improve on a test given at the end of the lesson.
D.    Students give feedback that they enjoyed using laptops during the lesson.

Answer: A

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