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A network engineer must configure a now VPN tunnel Utilizing IKEv2 For with three reasons would a configuration use IKEv2 instead d KEv1? (Choose three.)

A.    increased hash size
B.    DOS protection
C.    Preshared keys are used for authentication.
D.    RSA-Sig used for authentication
E.    native NAT traversal
F.    asymmetric authentication

Answer: BCD

A network engineer is troubleshooting a site VPN tunnel configured on a Cisco ASA and wants to validate that the tunnel is sending and receiving traffic. Which command accomplishes this task?

A.    show crypto ikev1 sa peer
B.    show crypto ikev2 sa peer
C.    show crypto ipsec sa peer
D.    show crypto isakmp sa peer

Answer: C

When troubleshooting clientless SSL VPN connections, which option can be verified on the client PC?

A.    address assignment
B.    DHCP configuration
C.    tunnel group attributes
D.    host file misconfiguration

Answer: C

Which two commands are include in the command show dmvpn detail? (Choose two.)

A.    Show ip nhrp
B.    Show ip nhrp nhs
C.    Show crypto ipsec sa detail
D.    Show crypto session detail
E.    Show crypto sockets

Answer: CE

An engineer has integrated a new DMVPN to link remote offices across the internet using Cisco IOS routers. When connecting to remote sites, pings and voice data appear to flow properly and all tunnel stats seem to show that are up. However, when trying to connect to a remote server using RDP, the connection fails. Which action resolves this issue?

A.    Change DMVPN timeout values.
B.    Adjust the MTU size within the routers.
C.    Replace certificate on the RDP server.
D.    Add RDP port to the extended ACL.

Answer: C

Which feature is a benefit of Dynamic Multipoint VPN?

A.    geographic filtering of spoke devices
B.    translation PAT
C.    rotating wildcard preshared keys
D.    dynamic spoke-to spoke tunnel establishment

Answer: D

An engineer has configured Cisco AnyConnect VPN using IKEv2 on a Cisco ISO router. The user cannot connect in the Cisco AnyConnect client, but receives an alert message “Use a browser to gain access.” Which action does the engineer take to eliminate this issue?

A.    Reset user login credentials.
B.    Disable the HTTP server.
C.    Correct the URL address.
D.    Connect using HTTPS.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is running DMVPN with EIGRP, when the administrator looks at the routing table on spoken 1 it displays a route to the hub only.
Which command is missing on the hub router, which includes spoke 2 and spoke 3 in the spoke 1 routing table?

A.    no inverse arp
B.    neighbor (ip address)
C.    no ip split-horizon egrp 1
D.    redistribute static

Answer: A

Which algorithm provides both encryption and authentication for plane communication?

A.    RC4
B.    SHA-384
C.    AES-256
D.    SHA-96
E.    3DES

Answer: F


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