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What output profiles can you confine for report event notifications? (Choose two)

A.    SMS
B.    Forward to another FortiAnaiyzer device
C.    Upload to a server
D.    Email

Answer: D

What are the main management wizard used in Device Manager?

A.    Add Device, Provisioning Templates, and View Installation.
B.    Add Device, Install Wizard, and Import Policy
C.    Script, Configuring CLI-Objects, and Re-install Policy
D.    View Installation, Import Policy, and Script

Answer: D

A user creates a policy package with two installation targets, as shown in the exhibit.
When the install operation is performed, which two statements are correct concerning the Install On column in the policy configuration? (Choose two)

A.    Policy ID 3 will not be installed on any FortiGate device.
B.    Policy ID 3 will not be installed on both FortiGate device.
C.    Policy ID 2 will only on the HeadOffice FortiGate device.
D.    Install On column values represent successful installations.

Answer: B
Section: (none)

Which statement correctly names the Administrative Domains modes supported on FortiManager?

A.    Normal and Analyzer
B.    Backup and Analyzer
C.    Normal, Backup, and Collector
D.    Normal and Backup,

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. What does the clock icon denote beside the Bandwidth and Application Report.

A.    It is a custom report.
B.    It is an imparted report from either a different FortiAnalyzer device or a different (but supported) ADOM.
C.    It is h the process of generating.
D.    It is a scheduled report.

Answer: C

What two statements are correct regarding administrative users and accounts? (Choose two)

A.    Administrative user accounts can exist locally or remotely.
B.    Administrative user login information is available to all administrators through the Web- based
C.    Administrative users must be assigned an administrative profile.
D.    Administrative user access is restricted by administrative profiles only.

Answer: BD

What effect do administrative domains (ADCMs) have on report settings? (Choose two)

A.    Hone. ADOMs cannot be used with reports.
B.    Reports must be configured with (her own ADOM.
C.    Chart Library, Macro Library, Dataset Library, and Output Profile become ADOM- specific.
D.    Dataset Library becomes global for al ADOMs.

Answer: AB

When statement s true regarding FortiAnaryzer models?

A.    Al physical appliances can support the same number of G8 per day of logs.
B.    Both physical and virtual appliances have same license file.
C.    Al physical appliances have the same storage capacity.
D.    The virtual appliance license determines the number of devices supported and amount of traffic that can be collected.

Answer: C

The service access settings for a FotiManger network interface relate to which product feature?

A.    Device Manger
B.    Policy & Objects
C.    FortiGuard
D.    FortiView

Answer: B

What is the primary difference between raw format logs and formatted format logs?

A.    Raw logs can be viewed in the CLI only.
B.    Raw logs display logs as they appear within the log file.
C.    Raw logs &e more human-consumable than formatted format logs.
D.    Raw logs cannot be downloaded into .csv format.

Answer: C


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