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Exam Code: 300-115
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)
Certification Provider: Cisco

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When SDM templates are configured, which action must be performed for the configuration to take effect?

A.    reload
B.    shutdown
C.    write memory
D.    backup config

Answer: A

Which statement about the MAC address sticky entries in the switch when the copy run start command is entered is true?

A.    A sticky MAC address is retained when the switch reboots.
B.    A sticky MAC address can be a unicast or multicast address.
C.    A sticky MAC address is lost when the switch reboots.
D.    A sticky MAC address ages out of the MAC address table after 600 seconds.

Answer: A

Enablement of which feature puts the port into err-disabled state when the port has PortFast enabled and it receives BPDUs?

A.    BPDU filtering
B.    BackboneFast
C.    EtherChannel
D.    BPDU guard

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration ensures that the Cisco Discovery Protocol packet update frequency sent from DSW1 to ALS1 is half of the default value?

A.    DSW1(config)#cdp timer 90
B.    DSW1(config-if)#cdp holdtime 60
C.    DSW1(config)#cdp timer 30
D.    DSW1(config)#cdp holdtime 90
E.    DSW1(config-if)#cdp holdtime 30
F.    DSW1(config-if)#cdp timer 60

Answer: C

Interfaces are assigned to a VLAN, and then the VLAN is deleted. Which state are these interfaces in after the VLAN is deleted?

A.    They remain up, but they are reassigned to the default VLAN.
B.    They go down until they are reassigned to a VLAN.
C.    They go down, but they are reassigned to the default VLAN.
D.    They remain up, but they are reassigned to the native VLAN.

Answer: B

Which feature is automatically configured when an administrator enables a voice VLAN?

A.    802.1Q trunking
B.    PortFast
C.    QoS
D.    private VLANs

Answer: B

Which statement describes one major issue that VTP can cause in an enterprise network when a new switch is introduced in the network in VTP mode server?

A.    It can cause network access ports to go into err-disabled state.
B.    It can cause a network-wide VLAN configuration change if the revision number on the new switch is higher.
C.    It can cause a network-wide VLAN configuration change if the revision number on the new switch is lower.
D.    It can cause routing loops.

Answer: B

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