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You are verifying multipathing from the host to the storage controller.
Which three components should you verify? (Choose three.)

A.    Verify that all switch ports connected to the hosts and storage devices are online using the vendor’s GUI.
B.    Verify that both FC HBA ports in the host are online using the HBA vendor’s GUI.
C.    Verify that the FC HBAs WWNN’s are in the igroup in the SVM.
D.    Verify that the SVM’s LIFs being used for multipathing are attached to the correct same physical FC port.
E.    Verify that the storage controller FC target ports status are online with the switch port showing the FC switch to which they are connected.

Answer: ADE

Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, which entry is appropriate to add to a zone on the FC switch?

A.    20:05:00:a0:98:29:18:76
B.    20:10:00:a0:98:29:18:76
C.    20:14:00:a0:98:29:18:76
D.    50:10:00:a0:98:29:18:76

Answer: B

A customer has recently deployed a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 system and is trying to mount LUNs to a Windows 2012 Server using the iSCSI protocol. They have enabled jumbo frames on their nodes as well as their Windows 2012 Server. Whenever they attempt to scan for a new LUNs, Disk Management times out and does not present any new storage.
What is causing the problem?

A.    Windows 2012 does not support jumbo frames with the iSCSI protocol.
B.    Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 does not support the iSCSI protocol.
C.    They have jumbo frames enabled on the host and storage, but not the Ethernet switches.
D.    Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 does not support jumbo frames with the iSCSI protocol.

Answer: C

cl01-01::>vol show ¬-vserver
svm1 ¬volume v_iscsi_exch01
Vserver Name: svm1
Volume Name: v_iscsi_exch01
Aggregate Name: a1_cl01_sas
Volume Size: 5 GB
Volume State: online
Volume Type: RW
Volume Style: flex
Available Size: 4.75GB
Filesystem Size: 5GB
Total User-Visible Size:
4.75 GB
Used Size: 144 KB
Used Percentage: 5%
Volume Nearly Full Treshold
Percent: 95%
Volume Full Treshold
Percent: 98%
Maximum Autosize (for
flexvolvs only): 6GB
(DEPRECATED) ¬-Autosize
Increment (for flexvolvs
only): 256MB
Minimum Autosize: 5GB
Autosize Grow Threshold
Percentage: 85%
Autosize Shrink Threshold
Percentage: 50%
Autosize Mode: off
Autosize Enabled (for
flexvolvs only): false
Space Guarantee Style: volume
Space Guarantee in Effect:
Snapshot Directory Access
Enabled: true
Space Reserved for Snapshot
Copies: 5%
Snapshot Reserve Used: 0%
Snapshot Policy: none
Node name: cl01-01
Reserved Space for
Overwrites: 0B
Fractional Reserve: 100%
Primary Space Management
Strategy: volume_grow
Total Physical Used Size:
Physical Used Percentage: 0%
A customer has a volume with the configuration shown in the exhibit.
What will happen if the volume vs_iscsi_exch01 reaches 85% used?

A.    The volume will delete snapshots until 20% is free in the volume.
B.    The volume will automatically grow up to 6 GB.
C.    The volume will no longer be accessible from the host.
D.    The volume will continue working as expected.

Answer: D

You have a new FAS8080EX 2-node cluster.
The FC switch ports connected to the onboard UTA2 ports will not come online.
Which two node-based issues would case the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    The UTA2 ports are set to target.
B.    The UTA2 ports have 10 GB SFP+ optics installed.
C.    The UTA2 ports have 16 GB SFP+ optics installed.
D.    The UTA2 ports are in cna mode.

Answer: BD

A company has 50 ESXi hosts connected using FC to a single target port on a NetApp cluster.
Ten hosts are configured with an HBA queue depth on 128. Forty hosts are configured with a HBA queue depth of 32. They are experiencing performance problems with their FC LUNs.
Which two actions will resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Use VSC to set recommended values for the hosts.
B.    Reduce the HBA queue depth on the on the applicable HBAs.
C.    Add additional target ports to allow for greater initiator distribution.
D.    Increase the total queue depth on the NetApp cluster.

Answer: AC

You are planning to move to a newer clustered Data ONTAP version.
Which two resources should you review prior to the move? (Choose two.)

A.    Software Setup Guide
B.    IMT
C.    Upgrade Advisor
D.    System Administration Guide for Cluster Administrators

Answer: BC

Which two flags would you use to enable NetApp thin provisioning on a LUN? (Choose two.)

A.    ¬-space-¬reserve enabled ¬-space-¬allocation enabled
B.    ¬-space-¬reserve enabled ¬-space¬-allocation disabled
C.    ¬-space¬-reserve disabled ¬-space-¬allocation disabled
D.    ¬-space-¬reserve disabled ¬-space¬-allocation enabled

Answer: AB

A customer has a host experiencing performance problems with its FC LUNs. The customer has examined the nodes hosting the LUNs, and both the disk and CPU performance are below 50% utilization. The customer examined the switch ports connected to the storage array, and they are also below 50% utilization.
Which three should the customer verify? (Choose three.)

A.    that the HBA queue depth is set properly
B.    that the host HBA has the correct port settings
C.    that the host Ethernet interfaces are using jumbo frames
D.    that the host is running SnapDrive
E.    that the FC switch ports connected to the host have not exceeded the maximum capacity

Answer: ACD

A customer is configuring their host for FC connectivity to a clustered Data ONTAP storage solution. They have installed a 4 GB FC HBA into the host and connected it with optical cables to an 8 GB FC switch. They have also connected the UTA2 ports from the FAS2552 with 16 GB SFP+ optics installed using optical cables to the switch.
Which two actions will improve host FCP throughput? (Choose two.)

A.    replacing the existing 8 GB FC switch with a new 16 GB FC switch.
B.    replacing the switch with a 10 GB Ethernet switch
C.    adding 16 GB FC HBA and appropriate optics
D.    replacing the optical cables with copper TwinAx cables.

Answer: AC


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