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1.Manage projects;
2.Manage advanced projects;
3.Manage projects for service industry;




You set up project management and accounting.
You need to represent the types of costs and revenues that are defined for all projects in your entire organization.
Which item should you create to organize categories?

A.    Shared category
B.    Expense category
C.    Project category
D.    Category group

Answer: D

You generate project quotation lines based on a work breakdown structure.
Which event occurs when a quotation line is modified?

A.    A new work breakdown structure is created.
B.    The link to the work breakdown structure is removed.
C.    The work breakdown structure is updated.
D.    Modifications to a quotation line generated from a work breakdown structure are not permitted.

Answer: C

You have a project with multiple funding sources.
You need to set up the allocation of funds in the project contract.
How many funding sources can you select for rounding off the differences?

A.    One funding source for rounding off the differences is automatically selected and cannot be changed
B.    All funding sources on the project contract
C.    Only the funding source with the lowest fund allocation percentage
D.    Only the funding source with the highest or equal fund allocation percentage

Answer: D

What can the Resource assignment analysis report do that the Resource assignments report cannot do?

A.    It can show how many hours a resource is assigned to a project.
B.    It can show availability of a resource.
C.    It can be filtered to include certain commitment types.
D.    It can be filtered to include a specified date range.

Answer: B

To which funding type can you apply payment retention?

A.    On hold
B.    Grant
C.    Organization
D.    Customer

Answer: D

You set up a new internal project that includes work in process (WIP).
You need to ensure that the actual project costs for hours,expenses,and items are posted to a WIP financial account on the balance sheet.
Which form should you use to specify that each type of cost will be posted to balance accounts?

A.    Ledger updates
B.    Ledger posting setup
C.    Post costs
D.    Project groups

Answer: D

You set up the project validation feature.
You need to restrict certain employees to use specific categories when they enter transactions in journals for particular projects.
Which type of validation group should you configure?

A.    Worker/project
B.    Categories
C.    Projects
D.    Project/category
E.    Worker/category

Answer: D

Which three parameters are required when entering the hours forecast for a project? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)

A.    Category
B.    Cost price
C.    Activity
D.    Number of hours
E.    Funding source

Answer: ABD

You set up project management and accounting validation parameters.
You need to accept valid options that are not defined in the respective validation groups.
Which option should you select for the project/category combination?

A.    Price
B.    Mandatory
C.    None
D.    Lookup
E.    Line amount

Answer: D

What is the difference between advanced and simple internal projects?

A.    Advanced internal projects can track expense transactions; simple internal projects cannot.
B.    Advanced internal projects can use work in process (WIP) to post costs; simple internal
projects cannot.
C.    Advanced internal projects can track hour transactions; simple internal projects cannot.
D.    Advanced internal projects allow on-account posting; simple internal projects do not.

Answer: B

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