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Which private VLAN port type allows for the least amount of communication from that port to others?

A.    protected
B.    isolated
C.    community
D.    promiscuous

Answer: B

NPV mode is not operating properly on a Cisco Nexus or Cisco MDS Series Switch. What are two reasons? (Choose two.)

A.    An uplink NP port is stuck initializing.
B.    The VSAN does not match at each end of the connection.
C.    The VLAN does not match at each end of the connection.
D.    The license is invalid.

Answer: AB

The traffic across your port channels seems to be favoring one link over the other. How can you adjust the load-balancing policy to include source and destination MAC addresses, IP address, and TCP port?

A.    kcdc-5010-1(config-if)# port-channel load-balance ethernet source-dest-port
B.    kcdc-5010-1(config-if)# port-channel load-balance ethernet source-dest mac ip port
C.    kcdc-5010-1(config)# port-channel load-balance ethernet source-dest-port
D.    kcdc-5010-1(config)# port-channel load-balance ethernet source-dest mac ip port

Answer: C

In a Cisco Data center network, what troubleshooting step would you do first when having a npv issue?

A.    Check to see if npv is enabled
B.    Check name server database to see if it recognizes device
C.    Check detail config of FCNS database
D.    Check the show-tech-support detail

Answer: A

While troubleshooting HSRP adjacency, a packet analyzer captures the remote packet with the information: IP with a MAC address of 0000.0C9F.0256.
The DCI local group number is 256.
Which solution resolves the problem?

A.    Request that the remote data center change the HSRP version to V1.
B.    Report the issue as a suspected bug because the group number is correct based on the analyzer.
C.    Request that the remote data center verifies that they do not have an HSRP password configured.
D.    Request that the remote data center to use the correct HSRP group number.
E.    Change the local HSRP version to V1.

Answer: D

Which two statements about configuring NPV are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Only F, E, and SD ports are supported in NPV mode.
B.    Only targets can be connected to an NPV device.
C.    Distribute the NPV core switch links to different port groups for improved scalability.
D.    If DPVM is configured on the NPV core switch for an end device that is connected to the NPV device, then that end device must be configured to be in the same VSAN.
E.    NPV does not support NPIV-capable module servers (nested NPIV).

Answer: CD

An administrator wants to combine the advantages of a trunking F port and an F port channel.
Which command on a Cisco MDS switch should be used to enable this?

A.    enable port-channel
B.    feature trunking-fport
C.    feature fport-channel-trunk
D.    port-channel trunk
E.    feature fport-trunk

Answer: C

Answer: D
Answer: D
Answer: A


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