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A customer calls you to report that it receives an error when entering the pinning max-links 4
command in FEX configuration mode on its Cisco Nexus 5596T Switch. Which of these is a likely cause for this condition?

A.    The FEX fabric interface is down.
B.    The transceiver is incorrect.
C.    A fabric interface is in a port channel.
D.    The fabric interface switchport mode is set to Access.
E.    Only two fabric interfaces are connected.

Answer: C

Which two commands can you issue on a Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switch to determine which interfaces are connected to fabric extenders? (Choose two.)

A.    show fex-fabric interface
B.    show fex
C.    show fex fex-id
D.    show fex interface
E.    show fex detail

Answer: CE

Which statement is true regarding the admin VDC?

A.    All licensed features and feature sets must be enabled from the admin VDC.
B.    Fabric extenders connectedto the admin VDC must be statically pinned.
C.    Only the mgmt 0 interface is allocated to the admin VDC.
D.    All interfaces other than mgmt 0 are allocated to the default VDC.
E.    The admin context can only be created on Supervisor 2/2E.
F.    The admin VDC is a new feature in Cisco NX-OS version 6.0.

Answer: C

You have upgraded your Cisco Nexus 7009 Switches and converted the default VDC to an admin VDC. You notice that all of the ACLs are still present on the admin VDC after the conversion. What should you do?

A.    enable configuration synchronization between the admin VDC and the production VDCs
B.    delete the ACLs
C.    delete all ACLs except those related to CoPP
D.    delete all ACLs except those bound to resource templates
E.    use the system admin-vdc acl command to properly migrate ACLs

Answer: B

A customer reports that a 10-Gb interface between a Cisco Nexus 7009 Switch and a Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switch is not passing traffic. The Nexus 7009 interface indicates up/up. The Nexus 5548UP interface indicates up/down. Which feature should you enable to help isolate the root cause?

A.    CDP
B.    GOLD
C.    UDLD
D.    DAI
E.    LACP

Answer: C

A customer reports that it cannot establish a vPC peer link between two Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switches. The interfaces on both switches are configured and cabled correctly. The interface status is up/down on switch 1 and up/up on switch 2. Which three steps are taken to isolate the root cause? (Choose three.)

A.    ask the customer if the link was ever functional
B.    determine whether the fiber-optic cable type (single mode or multimode) matches the X2 modules
C.    swap the fiber-optic cable with one known to be good
D.    swap the transceivers between the two interfaces
E.    swap the ends of the fiber-optic cable

Answer: CDE

In Cisco NX-OS releases prior to 5.2, how should the copp-system-p-policy policy be modified to change how the supervisor module is protected from DoS attacks?

A.    Modify the policy map type control-plane copp-system-policy.
B.    Open DCNM and modify the “copp-system-p-policy” policy object.
C.    Re-run the setup utility and apply a new CoPP profile.
D.    In Cisco NX-OS versions prior to 5.2, the CoPP system profile can only be modified from the CMP CLI.

Answer: C

You receive a priority 1 trouble ticket that there is OSPF route instability in the data center core Cisco Nexus 7018 Switches. Which command is useful to help validate a theory that hello packets are being throttled?

A.    N7018# show class-map interface control-plane
B.    N7018# show policy-map interface control-plane
C.    N7018# show service-policy interface control-plane
D.    N7018# show copp status
E.    N7018# show copp statistics
F.    N7018# show control-plane class copp-system-class-critical

Answer: B

You are no longer seeing updates to the device-aliases database on your Cisco Nexus 5596UP Switch. Which command is useful to determine if the scope of Cisco Fabric Services application distribution was being administratively limited?

A.    N5K2# show cfs region
B.    N5K2# show cfs scope
C.    N5K2# show cfs locale
D.    N5K2# show cfs acl
E.    N5K2# show cfs firewall

Answer: A

Which command on a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch will show the interface information for port 10 on the connected FEX 100?

A.    show interface Ethernet 100/10
B.    show fex 100 interface Ethernet 1/10
C.    show interface Ethernet 100/1/10
D.    show interface Ethernet 1/100/10

Answer: C


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