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Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, which policy will export routes to IBGP peers?

A.    static-4
B.    static-1
C.    static-3
D.    static-2

Answer: A
Type internal in group two indicates refers to an IBGP route.

Which two sequence correctly describe the correct processing order of firewall filters on an EX Series switch? (Choose two.)

A.    port filter > VLAN filter > router filter > transmit packet
B.    router filter > VLAN filter > port filter > transmit packet
C.    receive packet > port filter > VLAN filter >router filter
D.    receive packet > router filter > VLAN filter > port filter

Answer: BC
The order in which filters are applied depends on the direction in which they are applied, as indicated here:
B: Egress filters (outbound traffic leaving the device or interface):
C: Ingress filters (inbound traffic to the device or interface):
https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos16.1/topics/task/troubleshooting/firewall-f ilter-qfx-series.html

Which state indicates that the BGP session is fully converged?

A.    Connect
B.    Up
C.    Established
D.    Active

Answer: C
In order to make decisions in its operations with peers, a BGP peer uses a simple finite state machine (FSM) that consists of six states: Idle; Connect; Active; OpenSent; OpenConfirm; and Established. In the Established state, the peers send Update messages to exchange information about each route being advertised to the BGP peer.

Which static route next-hop value indicates that the packet will be silently dropped?

A.    resolve
B.    discard
C.    reject
D.    next-table

Answer: B
If the static route has a discard next hop it means that if a packet does not match a more specific route, the packet is rejected and a reject route for this destination is installed in the routing table, but Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) unreachable messages are not sent.

Which two prefixes are martian routes by default? (Choose two.)


Answer: BD
Martian addresses are host or network addresses about which all routing inf ormation is ignored. When received by the routing device, these routes are ignored. They commonly are sent by improperly configured systems on the network and have destination addresses that are obviously invalid. To view the default and configured martian routes, run the show route martians command. IPv4 Martian Addresses
user@host> show route martians table inet.
inet.0: exact — allowed orlonger — disallowed orlonger — disallowed orlonger — disallowed orlonger — disallowed exact — disallowed exact — disallowed
inet.1: exact — allowed orlonger — disallowed orlonger — disallowed orlonger — disallowed orlonger — disallowed Etc.

You configured a GRE tunnel that traverses a path using default MTU settings. You want t o ensure that packets are not dropped or fragmented. In this scenario, what is the maximum packet size that would traverse the GRE tunnel?

A.    1476
B.    1500
C.    1400
D.    1524

Answer: A
The default Ethernet MTU is 1500. There is a 24 b yte GRE overhead, so there remain 1476 bytes for the data packet.

Which two statements are true about a unified ISSU? (Choose two.)

A.    It requires that Bidirectional Forwarding Detection be disabled.
B.    It is only supported on platforms with redundant control planes.
C.    It is only supported on platforms with redundant power supplies.
D.    It requires that graceful Routing Engine switchover be enabled.

Answer: BD
B: Recent development work by many router vendors has focused on an effort to provide hitless control plane switchovers, which means keeping the control plane states in sync between the active and standby control planes prior to a switchover. Many consider this capability to be a prerequisite to delivering ISSU. Hitless control plane switch overs are usually implemented using the same version of code on both active and standby control plane components. However, ISSU design additionally requires different software versions running on active and standby control plane components.
D: Unified ISSU is supported only on dual Routing Engine platforms. In addition, the graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) and nonstop active routing (NSR) must be enabled.

What is the default route preference for BGP?

A.    167
B.    170
C.    150
D.    179

Answer: B
BGP has the default preference of 170.

Click the Exhibit button. Your router is configured to peer with your ISP’s router using BGP. You can only control your BGP configuration. Which address families are negotiated between the two BGP peers shown in the exhibit?

A.    inet-vpn-unicast
B.    inet-unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn
C.    inet-unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn-signaling
D.    inet-unicast

Answer: D
From the exhibit we see: NLRI for restart configured on peer: inet -unicast inet-vpn-unicast 12vpn But we also see: NLRI that restat is negotiaded for: inet-unicast NLRI of received end-of-rib markers: inet-unicast NLRI of all end-of-rib markers sent: inet-unicast

Which protocol prevents loops and calculates the best path through a switched network that contains redundant paths?

A.    VRRP
B.    STP
C.    DHCP
D.    IS-IS

Answer: B
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a Layer 2protocol that runs on bridges and switches. The main purpose of STP is to ensure that you do not create loops when you have redundant paths in your network


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