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Refer to the exhibit. After you install and configure a Cisco Nexus 5548, you notice that you cannot ping its default gateway. Assume that your management interface is up and running, and other devices in the same subnet or VLAN can communicate with the default gateway.
Which statement describes the problem?

A.    The subnet of the management port is incorrect.
B.    The default route is configured incorrectly.
C.    You are using the incorrect cable.
D.    You must ping from the management VRF.

Answer: D

Which three components are needed to implement FCoE? (Choose three.)

A.    FCoE Initialization Protocol
B.    N_Port virtualization
C.    N_Port ID virtualization
D.    converged network adapter
E.    priority flow control

Answer: ADE

Which three devices support FCoE? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Nexus 5500
B.    Cisco Nexus 7000
C.    Cisco Nexus 3000
D.    Cisco Nexus 1000V
E.    Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect

Answer: ABE
In a large enterprise, which two SAN switches are ideal core switches for providing high availability? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Nexus 5548
B.    Cisco MDS 9710
C.    Cisco MDS 9509
D.    Cisco Nexus 7028
E.    Cisco MDS 9222i

Answer: BC

Which three options are characteristics of a data center access layer switch? (Choose three.)

A.    host connectivity
B.    firewall connectivity
C.    QoS marking
D.    spanning-tree edge ports
E.    high-speed packet switching

Answer: ACD

In a three-tiered data center network design, where does the Layer 2 / Layer 3 boundary typically reside?

A.    core layer
B.    aggregation layer
C.    access layer
D.    services layer

Answer: B

Which two methods to configure LACP port channels are valid? (Choose two.)

A.    channel-group 10 mode active
B.    port-channel 10 mode active
C.    channel-group 10 mode on
D.    channel-group 10 mode passive
E.    channel-group 10 mode lacp

Answer: AD

Which two options are two functions of the data center core layer? (Choose two.)

A.    manages access control and policy
B.    enables routing between VLANs
C.    creates separate collision domains
D.    acts as a high speed egress point
E.    implements security policy
F.    provides a resilient Layer 3 routed fabric

Answer: DF

Which two options are two functions of the data center access layer? (Choose two.)

A.    high data transfer rate
B.    packet filtering
C.    server connections
D.    QoS policy enforcement
E.    high network fault tolerance
F.    VLAN creation

Answer: CF

A network uses one pair of Layer 3 switches for core and distribution purposes. Which design is this network using?

A.    collapsed Layer 3 core
B.    collapsed Layer 2-3
C.    collapsed distribution
D.    collapsed core

Answer: D

A network architecture team is looking for a technology on Cisco Nexus switches that significantly simplifies extending Layer 2 applications across distributed data centers. The team wants the Cisco Data Center Interconnect between sites and without changing or reconfiguring the existing network design. Which technology should be used?

A.    Multiprotocol Label Switching
B.    Cisco FabricPath
C.    virtual switching system
D.    virtual port channel
E.    Overlay Transport Virtualization

Answer: E


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