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A customer is concerned about malware attacks to their legacy pre-boot BIOS environment.
You need to ensure only trusted platform firmware and operating system boot loaders are used when the server starts up.
When designing the server configuration build, which feature should you enable?

A.    Compatibility Support Module
B.    HP Secure Encryption
C.    UEFI Secure Boot
D.    HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager

Answer: C

A customer needs parallel data processing scalability for their custom financial analysis application. Which solution best meets the customer’s needs?

A.    a collection of tower servers
B.    high-performance technical cluster
C.    a rack of 1U servers
D.    a collection of blade servers

Answer: B

You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem with Virtual Connect FlexFabric and HP 3PAR StoreServ 3400c. The customer is concerned about the added complexity of including SAN switches and the additional SAN management overhead. Which HP technology should you recommend?

A.    HP B-Series SAN Network Advisor
B.    HP FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 650 Adapter
C.    Virtual Connect Flat SAN
D.    HP FlexFabric 5930 Switch Series

Answer: C

A customer is implementing a new mission critical application. The customer needs to protect against RAM errors, minimize cost, and maximize the use of all installed memory DIMM’s.
Which feature of the HP ProLiant Gen 9 server should recommend to the customer?

A.    memory mirroring
B.    smart caching
C.    Advanced Data Mirroring (ADM)
D.    Rank sparring (online spare)

Answer: D
ProLiant Gen9 servers include these advanced memory protection features:

Dynamic fail-over to a spare DIMM rank or spare rank pair behind the same memory
controller. No OS involvement. You cannot enable this feature concurrently with memory mirroring. HP offers the rank sparing rather than DIMM sparing as rank sparing uses less spare memory resulting in less overhead.

You are designing an HP ProLiant BladeSystem and HP StoreVirtual storage solution for a customer, and you need to estimate the power requirements.
Which IP tool should you use?

A.    Power Discovery Services
B.    Power Calculator Utility
C.    Insight Management Sizer
D.    HP Power Advisor

Answer: D

What are benefits of the RESTful Interface Tool for enabling the new style of IT? (Select three.)

A.    reduced deployment complexity
B.    lower facilities costs
C.    simplified scripting
D.    reduced issue resolution time
E.    easy customization
F.    increased high availability

Answer: ACE

You are designing a Citrix XenServer based virtualization solution that runs on ProLiant Gen9 servers. Which design parameters should you take into consideration as part of your solution? (Select two.)

A.    35 percent additional hardware resources for host server overhead
B.    memory consumed by the Control Domain on the host
C.    NVDIMMS configured as caching modules for the host OS installation
D.    FCoE dedicated network for XenServer migrations
E.    memory consumed by the XenServer crash kernel

Answer: BD

A customer is concerned about the security of their data center. The exciting card entry system has proven to be inadequate. Which solution should you recommend to increase the security level for self-access to the data center?

A.    complex passwords
B.    fingerprint scanners
C.    Access Control List
D.    256 AES encryption

Answer: B

You are describing Smart Array controllers for ProLiant Gen9 server to a customer.
The customer asks about data recovery of a failed large capacity disk drive.
Which feature of the controllers should you describe to the customer?

A.    Secure Encryption
B.    SmartMemory
C.    Rapid Rebuild
D.    Advanced Data Mirroring

Answer: C
Rapid Rebuild — With drive capacity increasing to 6 TB and more, it takes a longertime to rebuild if a drive fails, thus putting the data on that drive at risk. HP hasoptimized the Smart Array controller firmware to rebuild larger capacity drivesmore quickly in order to prevent data loss

What are the power requirements for an HP Apollo 8000 system?

A.    three-phase high voltage AC power input
B.    DC power input
C.    three-stage power rectification
D.    single-phase high voltage AC power input

Answer: A


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